From the bowels of the bathroom

welcome to butt napkins

We're just a group of athletes and adventurers that care about your butt.

Our origin

Butt Napkins began as the brainchild of Drankful, a hydration pack company known for crafting the coolest and most comfortable hydration packs known to humankind. We changed the way water was held on your back, and runners, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts rejoiced.

But, oh boy, life has a way of surprising us.

Enter Butt Napkins - a rebel in the Drankful family that took on a life of its own.

We noticed a gap

When packing our packs, one of the essential items that was always included was wipes. Typically, these were baby wipes in a Ziploc bag or a half roll of toilet paper brought along, well, just in case.

We listened to the running community

Runners were looking for a discreet wipe that could fit into a pocket or a pack, and get them in and out of any gruesome bathroom encounter in the quickest, cleanest, and most comfortable way possible.

We went all in

We obsessed over every detail that could go into a wipe. It needed to be gentle (that's like wiping with a cloud), have no extra B.S. (plant-based ingredients), and Made in the USA (to control quality and reliability). 

We introduced Butt napkins

We made our grand reveal of Butt Napkins at the largest running tradeshow in the USA as Drankful's latest product and immediately discovered we were onto something special. The reactions, the laughter, the stories, and the orders showed us that B-Naps were not only a giant hit, but had taken on a life of its own.

We created a new brand

Like running, managing a business can get messy, and we realized that the name 'Butt Napkins' didn't quite jive with the name 'Drankful.' So, we decided to create our own separate brand exclusively focusing on bathroom products for the active outdoor community.

we now wipe
the asses of the masses

with cloud-soft comfort and cleanliness

The best wipes for anyone with a butt. We hope you enjoy your B-Naps wherever you roam.